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Is Botox Used For Face Wrinkle Reduction?

Is Botox Used For Face Wrinkle Reduction?

The appearance of wrinkles around the cheeks, forehead, and eyes is the first signs of ageing. Although wrinkles are a normal feature of one’s face while ageing, many people feel that wrinkles make them look older and unattractive. That is why the demand for cosmetic treatments and skin rejuvenation is increasing worldwide. 

If you are also thinking of getting rid of your facial wrinkles, botox injections are the most effective and safe option. Unfortunately, many people are not sure whether Botox treatment can be used for removing facial wrinkles, or whether it is safe to do so. In this article, we discuss everything about Botox injections, so that you can learn more about this cosmetic treatment and utilise it to look younger and prettier. 

Is Botox One Of The Plastic Surgery Treatments?

Although many plastic surgeons give Botox treatment, it essentially does not come under the umbrella of plastic surgery. This is because Botox is a non-invasive treatment, implying that it does not require any surgical treatment. Your dentist will simply inject the Botulinum injection over the skin, and that’s it! No need to cut skin or perform complex procedures. 

What Is Botox Cosmetic Treatment?

According to the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, Botox refers to a cosmetic treatment in which a mild form of toxin released by various bacteria is injected into the skin. This toxin blocks the release of a neurotransmitter called acetylcholine, which is responsible for the contraction of the muscles. As a result, botox injection prevents the muscles in the injected rejection from contracting, resulting in the disappearance of wrinkles and creases over the skin. 

What Cosmetic Procedures Make You Look Younger?

There are various surgical and non-surgical options are available for people who wish to look younger and prettier:

Besides, there are various sink care products are available that help with skin rejuvenation. For more advanced or invasive treatments, procedures like neck and chin lift, liposuction, facelift procedures are available. Your cosmetologist or cosmetic dentist can recommend the most suitable option for you after a thorough examination and treatment planning.

How Do I Regain A Youthful-Looking Face With Botox Treatment?

If you are concerned about facial wrinkles and creases that make you look older, don’t worry. You can start looking younger and prettier again with Botox injections in no time! Botox is injected into the site where wrinkles are removed. The botulinum toxin in the Botox injection causes the affected muscles to relax temporarily. As a result, the skin appears fresh and free of wrinkles and sagging lines. 

What Is The Best Solution To Forehead Wrinkles?

Forehead wrinkles can be removed using various cosmetic techniques. However, Botox treatment is among the most effective and safe. Alternatively, for more complex cases, your doctor may suggest A forehead lift – a cosmetic surgical procedure in which the sagging skin around the forehead is tightened to remove wrinkles and signs of ageing. 

Is Botox The Temporary Wrinkle Solution?

Botox injection results in the rapid elimination of facial wrinkles and creases. However, the effect of Botox is only temporary. It will last for a few weeks and then would require re-injection for continued results. Despite its short-term effect, there is no harm in getting repeated Botox injections as it is non-invasive and does not carry any adverse side effects.   

Does Having A Relaxed Facial Expression Reduce Wrinkles?

When one is stressed or angry, their face tends to get wrinkled. Hence, prolonged stress or anger can lead to a permanently wrinkled face – also called frown lines. On the other hand, having relaxed facial expressions removes facial wrinkles and makes the look appear elegant and younger. That is why, keeping ourselves relaxed and calm is very important, not only for our overall health but also for having a wrinkle-free face. 

Is Botox A Better Way To Get Rid Of Wrinkles?

When it comes to a safe, quick, and non-invasive technique for removing facial wrinkles and creases, there is no cosmetic option better than Botox treatment. In fact, it is one of the most effective ways to overcome mild to moderate signs of ageing, such as crease and sagging lines. However, if you are looking for a permanent solution to your cosmetic facial problems, other options are also available, like dermal fillers. Alternatively, cosmetic surgery is another option for permanently treating facial aesthetic problems. 

What Else Can Botox Be Used For Other Than Wrinkle Treatment?

If you do not wish to get Botox treatment, you might consider dermal fillers. Dermal fillers are substances that are injected into the skin. In contrast to Botox wrinkle treatments which affects the skin muscles, fillers remove skin fine lines and wrinkles by adding volume to the skin. Some people also try home remedies for wrinkle removal with varying results. In some cases, your plastic surgeon or dentist may consider cosmetic surgery to permanently solve the underlying issue. 

Although Botox treatment is absolute, it must be performed by an experienced and trained doctor or cosmetic dentist for optimal results. Cosmetic procedures performed by trained professionals tend to have fewer complications and provide longer-lasting results. So, if you are interested in putting a few years off of your smile through Botox treatment in Leicester, Glen Dental is an excellent choice. We have a team of highly qualified and trained dental professionals who can take care of all your cosmetic and general dental problems under one roof. So, request a new patient appointment today to walk away with a brand new smile. 

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