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Are Clear Braces A Good Option?

Are Clear Braces A Good Option?

If you have been told by your dentist that you need orthodontic treatment to get your teeth straightened, you might be wondering which option is most cost-effective and best suits your dental needs. Besides, another factor to consider while selecting an orthodontic treatment option is aesthetics. If you are among those people who do not like the conspicuous metal braces, there are other options available that are not visible whenever you speak or smile – like clear braces. 

If you’re wondering whether clear braces are a suitable option, this article is for you. Continue reading to find out everything you need to know about clear braces. 

What Do Clear Braces Look Like?

The appearance of clear braces depends on the material they are made from. Some braces are made from tooth-coloured materials. Therefore, they are white in appearance and blend with natural teeth. Other invisible braces types are made from transparent materials that make them inconspicuous. 

How Are Ceramic Braces Better Than Metal Braces?

Clear braces offer various benefits over traditional metal braces. Perhaps, the most significant advantage of clear braces over metal braces is their aesthetics: clear braces are designed to be invisible, and therefore, do not affect one’s smile or facial aesthetics. Also, some clear braces offer superior comfort and convenience than conventional metal braces, while utilising the same reliable and effective technology.

Do Clear Braces Work As Well As Metal Braces?

The clear braces have the same shape and design as metal braces. The brackets are made from tooth-coloured or transparent materials. Similarly, the orthodontic wires are coated with a tooth-coloured material to make them inconspicuous. Similar to metal braces, the orthodontic wire in clear braces generates forces that move the teeth in the desired direction. Hence, clear braces work just like metal braces. However, they offer superior aesthetics and convenience. The only exception is the clear aligners, which are removable and work differently than conventional braces. 

What Are The Different Materials Used To Make Braces?

There are two types of materials used for making clear braces. Fixed braces like ceramic braces are made from a tooth-coloured material. On the other hand, other clear braces types are made from transparent materials that will not be visible when you open your mouth for smiling or speaking. The removable clear aligners 

Who Should Use Metal Braces?

If aesthetics are not a concern, metal braces are among the most reliable options for straightening crooked and misaligned teeth. Besides, metal braces are also a suitable option when cosmetic orthodontic treatment options are not affordable, as metal braces are relatively less expensive. Finally, your dentist may recommend metal braces for the treatment of extremely complex or complicated orthodontic issues – that may not be treatable with clear braces.

Why Are Invisible Aligners Better Than Metal Braces?

Invisible aligners, also called clear aligners, are removable appliances that are worn over the teeth. Unlike the metal braces that are bonded to the teeth, the aligners are designed in a way that they sit over the teeth and force them into optimal alignment. The biggest advantage of invisible aligners over metal braces is their inconspicuousness. Besides, clear aligners are much more comfortable and convenient to use. Finally, clear aligners allow you to eat all your favourite foods and maintain optimal oral hygiene – as they are removable. 

When Are Invisible Braces Working Well?

When you wear your clear aligners, for the first time, you will experience slight pain and discomfort. This shows that the aligners are working, and moving your teeth in the desired direction. With time, the discomfort will subside until you switch to the next set of numbered aligners when you will again experience pain. This shows that each aligner set continues to move your teeth as per the treatment plan, and the aligners are working well. 

Will Ceramic Braces Give Me The Same Results As Metal Braces?

Ceramic brackets have the same design and shape and work in the same way as metal braces. The orthodontic wires used for both braces are the same – the only difference being that the wires in ceramic braces are coated with a tooth-coloured ceramic to improve aesthetics. Overall, ceramic braces offer similar results as conventional braces. However, there are certain cases where metal braces may be a more suitable option. For example, to treat complicated cases. 

How Long Will It Take For Braces To Straighten My Teeth?

The time required for braces to straighten teeth depends on various factors: the dentist’s expertise, the severity of the issue, the patient’s age and most importantly, adherence to the dentist’s instructions. Minor orthodontic problems can be usually treated within 6-8 months. However, according to the British Orthodontic Society, more complex issues may require up to 24 months for complete treatment. 

When it comes to straightening teeth, the most important factor is the qualification and expertise of the orthodontist. Before selecting a dental practice for your treatment, you must make sure that the dentist has the expertise and equipment to treat your problem. If you are looking for a reliable, gentle-dental, and cost-effective orthodontic practice in Leicester, Glen Dental should be your first choice. Boasting one of the most experienced and qualified dental teams in town, our practice is equipped with the necessary equipment to treat even the most complex orthodontic issues. Whether you are sixteen or sixty, you can get your teeth straightened with clear braces. So, book an appointment with us today and let us give you the smile you have always dreamed of.

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