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Profhilo skin hydration & collagen boosting treatment

If you would like to rejuvenate your skin, treat sagging & loose skin and obtain a more youthful appearance for your face or neck,  PROFHILO is the treatment for you! Dr Lina Kotecha can provide non-surgical procedures to enhance and refresh your skin with minimal recovery time!

Profhilo is in between a dermal filler and a skin booster which delivers hyaluronic acid just under the skin. The gel-like formula spreads beneath the skin like runny honey, stimulating collagen and elastin and provides an instant, smoother, glowing skin with increased hydration and firmness across the face.

Benefits of Profhilo

  • Increase skin firmness and elasticity
  • Tighten and lift skin
  • Improve skin tone and texture
  • Rehydrated skin
  • Restore radiance
  • Provides natural-looking results
  • Results can last up to 6 months
  • Your Profhilo will be administered by Dr. Lina Kotecha; an experienced cosmetic dentist and treatment practitioner
  • FREE, no-obligation initial consultation

Treatment Overview*

  • Procedure Time:

    30 minutes

  • Back To Work:


  • Anaesthetic:

    No anaesthetic necessary

  • Full Recovery:

    24 hours

  • Sensitivity Period:

    1-2 hours

  • Duration Of Results:

    6-9 months*

  • Risks & Complications:

    Asymmetry, bruises, infections, swelling

  • Number Of Treatments:

    2 Treatments, 4 weeks apart

*individual results and reactions may vary


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Profhilo Skin Hydration & Collagen Boosting Treatment by Dr. Lina Kotecha

Profhilo is an effective and natural looking facial aesthetic treatment. Winning The Product Innovation of the Year in 2016 by The Aesthetics Awards, Profhilo is a new discovery in facial ageing by not just filling lines and wrinkles but by addressing skin laxity.

Profhilo is made of 100% HA (Hyaluronic Acid), and so it nourishes dermal cells and restores the firmness of the skin. This treatment will hydrate your skin from the inside out, reducing the appearance of any ‘crepey’ loose skin.

Profhilo is a skin laxity treatment that utilises patented technologies engineered for ‘skin remodelling’, a radical concept of tightening wrinkles rather than ‘filling’ them. It successfully stimulates the production of both the natural collagen and elastin to renew your skin from within. This significantly improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and helps to increase hydration and firmness across the face.

Thanks to the unique characteristics of Profhilo, skin condition can be visibly improved after just 2 sessions, with a 4-week interval, Dr. Lina Kotecha at Glen Dental uses only 5 injection points on each side of the face making it quick comfortable with minimal downtime. Profhilo can be used on a number of areas including the full face (including eye area), and neck. It is suitable for practically anyone, men and women, from 30 years old and with no upper age limit.

Free facial analysis consultations at Glen Dental

We offer a free consultation for facial aesthetics, so, if you are considering this treatment with Dr. Lina Kotecha and would like to find out more, please call us on 0116 2593386 today to book.


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    *A £25 refundable deposit is payable at the time of the booking and fully redeemable towards any subsequent treatment. You will not be entitled to a refund of the deposit if you cancel with less than 48 hours notice or if you fail to attend your appointment.






    • Why Choose Profhilo?

      After the age of 30, we start losing a significant amount of collagen, elastin and Hyaluronic Acid. This means we start to see the signs of ageing in the form of fine lines, wrinkles and slightly lack-lustre dull skin. At this age, we should start to consider conserving our skin, therefore Profhilo is advised for individuals from around the age of 30 upwards, who want to target ageing skin.

      Profhilo is also an excellent choice for you if you do not want to add volume to specific areas as it instead provides volume and hydration across the skin, giving an overall rejuvenated appearance.
      There is no age upper limit either. In fact, in older patients, we have often seen more dramatic results. However, if you are over 60 your treatment does need to be managed carefully – for example, if there are deep folds present or the skin has lost elasticity, then combination treatments that include Profhilo may be more suitable. This is why facial aesthetic consultation prior to treatment is so important.
      Profhilo® delivers very subtle results. However, if you’re looking for a lifting of the face, neck or any other area, then a combination approach with fillers, threads or surgery could be recommended.

    • Will Profhilo work on my skin?

      At the age of 30, we start to notice subtle changes in our skin because we start losing a significant amount of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. This is the time when many people would consider their first anti-wrinkle injections as the first lines start to appear. If you feel your facial tissue quality has dropped significantly, and that you may look older for your age, but are not ready for dermal fillers yet, Profhilo may be the best treatment for you.

    • How long does Profhilo last?

      The results from Profhilo generally last up to 6 months. However, the results can vary from patient to patient.

    • What results can I expect from Profhilo?

      After just a single course of Profhilo, which involves 2 injectable treatments 4 weeks apart, you can expect to see intense hydration and firmness to the skin. It makes the skin glow and fine lines can disappear. You’ll notice smoother, tighter skin. Even for those with very wrinkled skin, an improvement in the texture is always present. The treatment can be repeated after six months in cases or topped up every 4-5 months to maintain the results.

    • Profhilo aftercare

      • There may be some tenderness, redness, swelling and bruising around the injection site. This is normal and will subside.
      • If swelling or pain persists or you are concerned, please contact the clinic as soon as possible.
      • Use a cold pack to reduce swelling and/or redness
      • Do not massage or manipulate the treated area
      • No recovery time is required and you can return to your daily activities immediately.
      • Avoid any further cosmetic procedures for 2 days after treatment
      • Avoid wearing make-up for 12 hours post-treatment
      • Avoid extreme temperatures (hot or cold) for a minimum of 7 days after treatment (no saunas, steam rooms, sun beds or sun exposure)
      • Apply a SPF30+ sunscreen
      • Avoid strenuous exercise for 24 hours
      • Avoid swimming for 48 hours
      • Avoid alcohol for 24 hours after treatment
      • Stay hydrated
  • Where can Profhilo be used?

    Profhilo is most commonly used for facial areas but can also effectively be used for rejuvenating the neck, décolleté, arms, knees and hands. Profhilo delivers great results as a treatment on its own or in combination with other aesthetics treatments currently offered by Dr. Lina Kotecha

  • What is the difference between Dermal Fillers and Profhilo?

    Primarily, Profhilo is primarily a hydrating treatment and the Hyaluronic Acid it contains is dispersed evenly throughout the face, giving your skin a plumper, fresh and firm look overall. As a result of the way that Profhilo is formulated, it is not a volumising treatment in the same way that dermal fillers are. Dermal fillers are used to enhance specific areas of the face (e.g. lips, cheeks, chin).

  • What does the treatment involve?

    After your initial consultation with your facial aesthetic practitioner, they will decide if Profhilo is suitable for you.

    Profhilo treatment is administered over two sessions at 4 weeks apart. During the treatment session, the facial aesthetic practitioner will cleanse your skin and then place 5 precise markings on each side of your face. These are called BAP or Bio Aesthetic Points. 0.2ml of Profhilo is then administered to each point. The marks are then removed.

    Immediately after treatment, there may be some redness at the injection site and you may experience some itching or tenderness in the treated area. This will generally disappear within 24-hours.

  • How much does Profhilo cost?

    Profhilo Skin Hydration & Collagen Boosting Treatment costs £275 per session.

  • Complications and side effects

    • There may be some localised lumps where the Profhilo has been injected. These lumps will subside usually 4-6 hours after the treatment, but they can last up to 24 hours. Not every patient gets these swellings and if you have had treatment and are concerned please do give us a call.
    • After your treatment, the common effects are mild redness, slight swelling and possible bruising. The treatment area may feel tender to touch and all of these effects are normal, will subside in a few days, but may last up to a week. Each day everything should improve slightly and the area should look more normal and feel better.
    • It is very uncommon to have any serious side effects, however if you do experience any of the following, please call the clinic immediately, or if after hours, seek help from a GP or A&E:
    1. swelling that is getting worse as time passes
    2. increase in pain and getting more severe with time
    3. skin feeling hot, redness increasing and becoming worse in time
    4. skin near the treatment area or along the side of the nose looking pale/white or greyish in colour on the day or day after the treatment, and pain increasing in this area
    5. generally feeling unwell in the days following your treatment