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What is a thread lift?

Everything you need to know about thread lifts….

Do you feel your face is sagging, the lines from your nose to your mouth are becoming more prominent and you are getting jowls under your chin? Or simply that your face has the signs of aging?

Possible solutions could be a thread lift procedure, using Silhouette Soft or PDO threads to safely and effectively reduce this, giving you a more refreshed and rejuvenated look.

The Silhouette Soft ® and PDO thread lifts are innovative treatments using threads to lift and rejuvenate your facial skin, resulting in a fresher, more revitalised appearance.

The thread lift procedures are becoming increasingly popular amongst our clients. With the advancement of facial aesthetic treatments, more people are opting for non-surgical procedures which do not take long to carry out and have reduced recovery time.

So what actually is a thread lift?

There are 2 types of threads:

  1. Lifting Threads
  2. Threads to improve the surface of the skin

Lifting Threads

These threads are placed strategically beneath the skin to lift the ‘drooping’ areas without the need for surgery. The threads then dissolve over time and stimulate the formation of collagen therefore, improving the quality of the skin. Lifting threads can be used to lift the cheek area, improve jowling and reduce marionette lines. Lifting threads can also be used in combination with dermal fillers and botox for a full non-surgical facelift.

Threads to improve the surface of the skin

These threads are placed under the skin in a specific pattern to reduce fine lines (for example, perioral/ smoker’s lines) and reduce crepey loose skin. The threads act as a mesh under the skin to act as a scaffolding for the skin. The threads dissolve over time and stimulate the formation of collagen, tightening of the skin and reducing fine lines.

Does it hurt?

The area to be treated is numbed up with either topical numbing cream or local anesthetic. Which anesthetic type used should be discussed with your practitioner to ensure a painless procedure.

How long does a thread lift last?

The non-surgical thread lifting procedure is minimally invasive and will typically last 18 months, although anything from 1-2 years is quite normal.

Who is the thread lift procedure is suitable for?

Women and men can benefit from the lifting effect of the thread lift treatment, there are no age restrictions.

Thread lift before and after pictures

Before thread lift

After thread lift

Thread lift video – how easy and pain-free is a PDO Thread Lift?

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