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My Clear Smile Braces

We are very proud to show videos of a recent ClearSmile Brace case completed with invisible braces. ClearSmile Braces are designed to treat the front six or eight teeth. The treatment is quick, safe and comfortable making it the perfect way to make minor adjustments to your smile.

Nicole didn’t like how her teeth looked, particularly one of the teeth at the top and another one at the bottom… Take a look through her journey from having her braces fitted through to having them removed six months later.

“I’ve just had my braces fitted”

“I’ve just had my ClearSmile Brace fitted at Glen Dental in Leicester.  The amazing thing about them is that you can hardly see them at all. When I went home after having my brace fitted today, my mum did not even notice that I had them on!

The reason why I wanted braces was because my upper front teeth were crossed over and the lower teeth were really crooked and this made me feel very conscious when I smiled. I have wanted straight teeth for a very long time but just did not know how to go about getting something done to straighten them. I then came across clear braces-where the brackets and the wires are tooth coloured -this was a relief as I did not want a mouth full of metal! The bonus was that the treatment would only last anything from 6 to 9 Months. This meant that I would have a beautiful smile for summer!

The procedure of having the brace fitted did not take long at all and surprisingly I had no discomfort during the procedure. Lina explained everything as she went along. First, she put some special glue on the teeth and then stuck the brackets on. She then polished in-between my teeth to make spaces for the teeth to move. She then put the wire across the teeth attached with some ‘doughnut’ things and then it was all done. I know this must sound strange, but I felt my teeth had moved already. Initially, I could not talk properly but within 10 minutes of the brace being fitted-I felt more comfortable with the brace and was able to speak normally. Eating my first meal was a bit tricky. However, as instructed, I chopped my food up into small portions and was able to eat without any major issues.

I am so looking forward to seeing my teeth move-I will keep you in the loop!”

“Week One of Having my Clear Smile Brace Fitted!”

“So, it has been a week since I had my brace fitted at Glen Dental in Leicester.  Surprisingly, it has been really quite easy having the braces on and it has not really changed my life much!

I was expecting things to feel really different, however, I was pleasantly amazed how my life is very similar.

Walking out of the surgery, I did feel conscious of my teeth but I have had to point them out to most people. I have only had to take paracetamol once in the last week, other than that there has been no pain nor discomfort. I have been using the wax strips that Lina gave me to cover up any sharp parts in the mouth and stop them rubbing on my cheeks and tongue.

Eating food has been relatively easy. I have been chopping things up small and grating my vegetables so that they are easier to bite and chew. Lina also told me to do this so that I don’t break any components of my brace which may cause the treatment to last longer.

The greatest thing is that the teeth are actually moving! I can’t actually believe it but there are spaces in between my teeth. Lina carried out some interdental polishing to create space for my teeth to move into as there was so much crowding and now the teeth are moving into these spaces and straightening up. Lina said it would be fast, but I did not realise it would be this quick.

I am really looking forward to my review in 3 weeks time and see what Lina says. Hopefully, I will be able to move to the next wire and then have a lovely smile for summer!

“One month after having my braces fitted”

“So, it’s been 4 weeks since I had the ClearSmile Braces fitted and there has been a massive difference-I am so happy! I have wanted straight teeth since I was younger and now I can finally have them. I love technology and how the manufacturers have made this brace to make teeth move so quickly and so happy that my dentist, Lina, is providing this treatment at Glen Dental.

My main concern was the crowing on lower teeth and the rotated upper tooth and I am so happy that in such a short period of time these have moved. I first noticed them move after just a few days-I found this astonishing as I was expecting it to take longer than this. The best thing is that there is no pain and I feel they are a part of me now.

I did have an Indian curry yesterday and this made the elastic doughnuts things go yellow but luckily Lina changed these today and they are looking tooth coloured again-phew! I love the fact that the braces are tooth coloured as I really did not want to have a mouth full of metal. The brace is truly a clear brace!

The tips I would give to new brace wearers would be:

  • Avoid hard and chewy foods, such as nuts, pretzels and pizza crusts
  • Chop/cut your food into small chunks
  • Avoid biting into anything
  • Carry your interdental brushes and toothbrush with you wherever you go so you can clean them after eating anything as things to tend to stick to the brace (especially salads!)
  • Avoid chewing gum
  • Avoid anything with strong food colouring such as curries and Chinese takeaways
  • Avoid anything sugary and acidic”

“Eeek! Almost there with my ClearSmile Brace treatment!”

“I’ve just been to see Lina at Glen Dental for my 4-month review. I have been going every 4 weeks and its lovely to see and hear from Lina about the progress that is being made. On each review appointment, she measures how much the teeth have moved which is always very reassuring. She also makes changes to the brace to allow them to move more, changes the doughnuts and cleans my teeth. The teeth feel amazing and tight after each review appointment which is reassuring as this means they will move more.

Lina said that I am over my half way point and heading towards having straight teeth for the beginning of summer. I am just so surprised how fast the teeth have moved and the time has gone quicker than I thought it would. I haven’t had any problems with pain or anything breaking off my brace and this has helped my brace treatment progress quicker.

I can’t stop looking at my teeth in mirrors when I walk past them. Before, I would avoid looking at my teeth but now I can’t stop smiling. I can’t stop taking selfies of my teeth. The shape of my lower face has also changed and my face looks more symmetrical-which I was not expecting. Lina explained that this happens as the bite has changed and has increased my lower face height and therefore the shape of my face looks more balanced.

I feel the brace has changed my outlook on oral health and health as I am eating better and looking after my teeth so much more than I did before.

I am so excited for my next review appointment in 4 weeks time!”

“Wow! Nicole’s result from ClearSmile Braces is Amazing!

“So, I’ve just had my brace taken off by Lina at Glen Dental! I’m finding it hard to find words to explain how happy I feel!

Taking the brace off was so easy and quick. Lina explained the entire process to me first; I really like this about Lina-she is so thorough. I am a nervous patient and she makes the whole process so simple and easy.

Lina first fitted a wire retainer behind my upper and lower teeth. The fixed retainer will keep my teeth in the correct position and so they don’t move back to how they were. I was concerned initially that people would be able to see this but no one can see them-even me! I feel so reassured that I have a fixed retainer as I know my teeth will remain straight. I am also going to have removable retainers which I have to wear at night-this is double protection to prevent any form of relapse.

After the fixed retainer was fitted, Lina removed the brace and polished the teeth where the brackets were. I could then finally feel the outsides of my teeth and they felt magnificent and very smooth. I felt so emotional lying in the chair and could not wait to see them in the mirror. Lina sat me up and gave me the mirror. The only word that came to my mind was WOW WOW WOW! I felt really emotional as I finally got the smile I have wanted for a very long time. My teeth are straight. Lina has suggested I whiten them to get the perfect smile. I will start this as soon as I get my retainers.

I am so excited now to show my family and friends my new smile.

Thank you Lina and Glen Dental!”

Shrik Kotecha
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