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How To Get White Teeth

Have you ever wondered why your favourite celebrities have such an attractive and adorable smile? It is because they have a set of pearly white teeth. Sparkling white teeth not only make you look beautiful but also boost your self-confidence. Simultaneously, peopleRead More

The Reverse Advent Calendar Foodbank Challenge

This Christmas we are doing a reverse advent calendar and we need your support. We are asking staff and patients to donate/gift an item to help local people less fortunate than ourselves to have a good Christmas. If you would like toRead More

Rapid Tooth Whitening – What You Need to Know!

The Best Teeth Whitening Kits SMILES are important and studies have shown that people with white teeth are said to be more self-confident in their day to day interactions. This then leads to an increased feeling of wellbeing and happiness! And sometimes,Read More

Are clear braces good?

With such a wide variety of orthodontic braces to straighten teeth available nowadays, people often begin to wonder, are clear braces good? In this article we will take a look at how clear braces compare with some of the other systems, whatRead More

How to fix buck teeth

If you have upper front teeth which are protruding, what can you do? What causes buck teeth? Is there a way you can prevent them and what is the best way to treat this common condition? Why do some people have buckRead More

The Problem with Dentures, Chewing Gum and Bad Breath

Dentures very often get a bad press, but this is often because people are thinking about old school dentures which look terrible and don’t fit. The good news is that denture technology has moved on significantly in recent years making dentures a viableRead More

Dentures – All Your Questions Answered

Dentures are often overlooked by people wanting to replace missing teeth, the image of taking teeth out at night and leaving them in a glass of water next to the bed seems to put so many people off. Yet, modern cosmetic prosthetic appliances canRead More

My Clear Smile Braces

We are very proud to show videos of a recent ClearSmile Brace case completed with invisible braces. ClearSmile Braces are designed to treat the front six or eight teeth. The treatment is quick, safe and comfortable making it the perfect way to makeRead More

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